Muse 3

Muse 3: RS – Relaxed SportParaglider muse 3

The Muse 3 has been designed with impressive flying characteristics that will surprise the eager intermediate pilot fresh out of training. The Muse 3 is in its own class called relaxed sport because of its fun handling and performance usually found in more advanced paragliders. You will love how easy it does everything well in a calm yet sporty feel. Critics say it’s so easy to fly it practically fly’s itself!

 Value: Almost Two gliders in One!

Forget about thinking you have to buy a new glider every year. The newly designed Muse 3 embodies designs from MacPara’s other intermediate performance paragliders. The bonus is that it offers incredible safety and stability that is really fun to fly. This allows pilots to fly more often without the worry of feeling like their flight may be jeopardy. Safety and performance matched together makes this a popular choice for pilots who take a causal approach to flying on weekends. The Muse 3 is certified in the EN A glider category.

Throw Away Your Fears of Failure

The Muse 3 is simple to control on the ground and in the air. You will feel like a pro with its exceptional take off characteristics to get you flying right after inflation with no hassles. It will stay above your head without the tendency to collapse or wander off course. The safety in the Muse 3 is best admired by pilots that are looking for a paraglider resistant to collapse. With this glider you can keep your eyes on the scenery instead of being worried about what’s coming next. Flying the Muse 3 you will notice immediately how well it is able to perform everything you need to enjoy the flight without feeling like your missing out. MacPara hit the target by designing a fun performance glider with high stability characteristics.

Redesigned to Make You Look Good! Muse 3

Based on the success of the Muse 2, the Muse 3 continues making history because of its popularity and beloved launching characteristic that MacPara paragliders are known for. It has become one of the bestselling gliders because of how happy pilots feel flying it. Many gliders competing in the entry level glider class are boring once you learn the basics of launching and landing. Not the Muse 3. You would be hard pressed to think you could out fly this glider. Some even say it’s a perfect glider for learning acrobatics because of its performance and built in safety recovery characteristics. Your abilities to play like a bird will exceed your expectations. You will be glad to know that the safety of the Muse 3 is also found using full speed bar.

 Why does it Performs So Well?

The new Muse 3 has given more attention to the airfoil resulting is a noticeably better glide ratio and in flight stability. The smooth shape of the airfoil nose is maintained by long lasting Mylar reinforcement combined with new age plastic rods. These high tech rods give the front of the glider stability in the air after it effortlessly scoops up the air for a perfect launch.

 Quality you can See and Feel

The Muse 3 is yet another quality made glider by MacPara that will continue to perform for the years to come. The construction using diagonal ribs and a system of load-bearing tapes gives the canopy stability and helps keep a clean profile. The Muse 3 has 45 cells and a nice elliptically shaped canopy with an aspect ratio of 5.00. The glider is light. Just 5.1 kg for the medium size which results in very easy launches with or without a paramotor.

 Fly Long and Far in Comfort

Intensive testing resulted in a well balanced glider with simple take-off characteristics and easy behavior during extreme maneuvers. The canopy is very resistant to collapse keeping your flight on track. In the event of a collapse the opening is smooth and fast. In an induced collapse the glider gives a rotation of only 30 degrees. The canopy of the Muse 3 is well damped in all axes but offers lively sporty handling to keep you smiling!

 Effortless Handling and Well Designed

The light brake pressure allows pleasant turns during long thermal flights and increases progressively towards the end to offer a good safety margin. It has a large brake range offering good pilot input to know how the glider is flying above you. The Muse 3 is 4 liner paraglider with a 5 point riser system and split “A” risers for easy big-ears. The risers have 2 suspension points giving the option of free flying or paramotoring. This is a nice option for pilots that don’t want to buy two paragliders. More and more pilots are realizing the Muse 3 does it all well! The transition from free flight to powered flight is very simple: hook up the carabineers in the second position and off you go with shortened riser length for powered flight! There is no need to extend the brake lines.

 Paragliding or Paramotoring – Certified to keep you safe

Regardless if you are using the Muse 3 for paragliding or paramotoring it has been certified to fly perfectly in thermals and cruise like a soaring eagle. The Muse 3 is designed for pilots that want the most out of their flight without the headache and stress of waiting for “things” to go wrong in turbulence or powerful thermals. Undoubtedly, the Muse 3 lets you fly with ease.

A couple videos that show the Muse 3 in action