Eden 4

The Eden 4: Sporty Performing All-rounderParaglider Eden 4 PPG

The Eden series from MacPara continues with amazing success in the paramotoring community. After many prototypes and design adjustments, the MacPara Eden 4 has transformed into a high demand flag ship model in the ppg market. It’s not easy for a manufacture to come up with a design that works well with a paramotor, however, the Eden 4 is a fan favorite packed with features that appeal to a wide range of sport ppg pilots.

 Why is it so Popular?

The Eden 4’s popularity has made it one of the most copied paragliders in the ppg industry because of its ease of use and great all-around performance. The new Eden 4 is a fun and safe paraglider in the intermediate sport class. It’s a paraglider that will help you advance your skills and keep you enjoying the sport. Compared to the Eden 3, the Eden 4 has been designed with better glide, more direct handling and increased glide in accelerated flight.

 Boost Your Confidence

The best part of the Eden 4 is that it gives you the feeling of confidence both on the ground and in the air. The inflation is smooth and constant in any wind speed. It gives you the ability to get off the ground faster because of its friendly handling by consistently coming up overhead. In simple terms the Eden 4 floats above your head just before are ready to fly. This is the most sought out characteristic of a paramotor glider! It just waits for the pilot’s directions and responds quickly to pilot’s inputs. The Eden 4 is very predictable and offers no scary surprises.

 In Flight

In the air the Eden 4 is provides agile handling and responsiveness for pilots looking for a safe paraglider that they can grow into and not get bored. It can perform as exciting as you want with responsive maneuvers or let it practically fly itself and take you on beautiful calm sunset flights. With a high glide ratio of 8.5 the Eden 4 lets you explore places you have always wanted to see without slowing you down. It features excellent stability throughout the full weight and speed range it is intended for.
In the event of turbulence or rough air the Eden 4 has a stability features that give you a feeling of comfort. It is designed to withstand collapses and keep you on level flight in bumpy air to offer security that most pilots look for. Flying this type of glider puts a smile on your face because of how fun and easy it is to use. It truly lets you enjoy each flight because of this built in safety.

 Free flight Paraglider Configuration

As a bonus the Eden 4 can be used as an excellent free flight paraglider as well! You can order your Eden 4 with DULV risers (two hang points). The transition from free flight to powered flight with DULV risers is very simple. After free flying all that you need to do is to hook up your carabineers into higher position for motor flight and then go powered paragliding! No need to extend the brake lines. More information about this exciting feature can be found in the user manual for more clarification.

 How it’s Made

The Eden 4 paraglider has 52 cells which get thinner closer to the wing tip which makes it easier to control. The slim elliptical shape of the canopy has an aspect ratio of 5.23. This means it offers plenty of performance while keeping a stable shape above your head at all times. The line configuration helps maintain a clean smooth canopy also assisting in how well it flies through the air. Diagonal V-tapes and a system of load-bearing supporting tapes give the canopy incredible stability in the event of extreme maneuvers. As technical as this may sound, the Eden 4 is very resistant to collapsing.

 Built In Safety and More Design Features

In the event of an induced collapse such as heavy turbulence, the Eden 4 will not rotate quickly and will usually reopen within 50 degrees. This allows less inexperienced pilots time to regain control of their glider. The Eden 4 uses the same brake system as seen in the Envy model paraglider to make the handling precise. Once you set the angle and radius of a turn it does not change if you continue to hold the brake in a constant position. It obeys the pilots command. The light brake pressure allows pleasant turns during long flights, but increases progressively toward the end of its travel to act as a warning system to let you know you are approaching the danger zone. The Eden 4 is equipped with comfortable brake handles with a swivel and magnetic clips. Velcro closures on the wingtips make access easier to remove any sand, grass or small stones from the glider. The Eden 4 is also equipped with split “A” risers to facilitate “Big Ears” which helps with safe altitude decent.

 Extra Strong and Strength tested

The original free flight Eden 4 paraglider was load tested to 8G at 145 kg (equating to 1160 kg). The POWER Eden 4 version is equipped with stronger main lines offering even more strength bearing safety. MacPara has used this system for over 15 years on their paramotoring gliders with a perfect safety record. This guarantees one of the highest levels of security available.

What Size?

The Eden 4 is certified by registered authorities and approved according to LTF, EN/B guidelines. It is produced in 5 sizes to suit various sized pilots. MacPara recommends that paramotor pilots choose the size of paraglider by taking your naked weight and adding approximately 35 – 40 kg to accommodate for your paramotor gear, boots, helmet etc. References for the suggested safe weight ranges for the Eden 4 can be found under the specifications tab located at the top of this page.

 Color Choices

The new and improved Eden 4 is available in 5 new colors applied to both the top and bottom surfaces given it a more professional look in the sky. Pick your favorite color by checking out the design tab on the top of this page.

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