Indy Air Hogs 7th Annual Fly In, Sept 4-7, 2014

So it’s here again!. The annual Fly-in south of Indianapolis IN. The Air Hogs no how to host an event. Especially one like this. It touted to be one of the biggest PPG fly-ins in the nation.

The Event Details are as follows:
The Indy Air Hogs and Scottsburg Airport welcomes paramotor & PPG pilots to join them for a weekend of flying fun. Rules are minimal and common sense. Sorry, no PPC’s or other ultralights. Food is provided for pilots at no charge; onsite camping is free. We encourage PPG vendors to set up booths/displays, also with no charge. Registration fee ($30) and waiver forms are to be taken care of on-site and before flying. The fly-in begins on Thursday morning- please do not try to camp on-site before that, as the airport owner needs the grounds clear for mowing.

Saturday night will include a mass lantern launch prior to a pryo blowout fireworks display. Thrust testing and a video clinic will also be held on Saturday. Shenanigans are scheduled for every day, mostly after sunset.

You can register for the event on the Air Hog Site -> Air Hogs Web Site