Learn to fly a Powered Paraglider

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The Gear
Thorix 122

Let’s start out by talking about the motor and cage. This sport is evolving every year with better gear and motor technology that makes learning and advancing in this sport much more pleasant.

Consider the Fresh Breeze Thorix 190 Extreme. It has one of the best power to weight ratios on the market weighing in at just over 49lbs and delivering 27 HP with the Polini power plant.

Combine all this tech with German engineering and you have a machine that stays put on your back with no vibration or dangerous torque. You really feel like you become one with this motor.

Let talk about the wing. If your new to this sport or have been at it for a while you’ll feel great with the no-nonsense stability of the Mac Para Charger wing. Mfg details are available here.

The Charger was designed with the ease of launch in mind as well as how it flies and flares while landing.

The glider is undemanding and resistant to collapse even in rough air thanks to the customized reflex airfoils.

Should You Go with Used or New Equipment

So this is something that goes through all pilots minds and one point or another. Typically its the thought most have when they are looking into this sport and wanting to keep the entry price as low as possible. Well, that makes sense…why pay more than you have to, right? 

Some of the things you should consider when just starting out are

1. You’ll probably struggle with understanding what good used gear is and what’s not. Let alone how much should you expect to pay for the used gear? Is it a reputable brand? or someone’s science fair project they’re looking to unload.

2. I would probably advise you nix the used wing idea. This is literally what your life is hanging on while blissfully floating through the sky. There’s just too much variation and questionable wing condition that you’ll be worrying about when you really need to just focus on learning how to kite and maneuver it on take off and landings.

3. As far as a used motor goes…you may save a couple of thousand dollars going used, but then again just how far is it from needing a ring replacement or muffler fix. No warranty on used gear, and you’ll be flying old tech, so if you plan on staying in the sport awhile you’ll be looking at an upgrade sooner than later. That being said, the motor is now older and probably a bit more beat up, so selling it will probably lose you 1K or 2, which is about what you would have spent just going new. 

There’s 2 part video review on YouTube by Tucker Gott about buying used gear that you may want to add to your research regimen. 

Here are the links

4. In summation, I always recommend new gear to my students. I consider it much safer and easier to learn on, which mean less chance of damaging the equipment or worse yet, yourself. There are some instructors that offer rentals, but then again you’re going to be paying out of pocket to rent something you’ll be buying anyway, and if your rent your probably going to be learning on an older unit and will have to get use to the different unit you end up purchasing.  

Discovery Training (PROMO: Now FREE till December)
Flying Feet

If you would like to meet us, and schedule an introductory training session, about 2 hours. We offer a look at the equipment, and to learn some of the basics of power paragliding, like wing handling, motor startup, and determine how you like it before deciding if this is for you. The cost is $75$0 dollars and will apply to your full training if you decide to continue moving forward with powered paragliding. Feel free to bring a friend or two, no extra.

Let’s get you in the air, learn how to paramotor

We know there’s a lot of choices to be made in this sport. The number one choice is finding the right instructor. We want to offer the best, and most complete instruction possible. There’s a lot of variation out there, and to make sure you get started on the right foot with the least chance of incident we can help you navigate through the different options available. Our goal is to be with you every step of the way from our first meeting through your first 5 solo flights. That being said Full training if free if you decide to purchase a Fresh Breeze paramotor and MacPara wing. We will be glad to work with you in purchasing any unit you may decide on and get you up and going, even if you decide on used equipment.*

Contact us today for a syllabus. We can also travel to your location, which will incur a typical travel expense (.51 cents a mile, plus session training rate, or full training package).

If your just looking into the sport of power paragliding and not sure at what level you would like to commit, we can set up an appointment to meet with you and give you a introductory course for (only $75.00), which can then be applied to your equipment purchase or training if you decide to move forward.

Let’s get going, the air is better up here!

* We charge $2100 for our complete training package if you decide to go with used gear, or another brand that we are not a dealer of. The training cost is 50% payable at the beginning and 50% upon completion.