Welcome to MotoGlide

Vince Aschliman - Instructor

MotoGlide was founded in 2010 and has primarily been ran by PPG pilot and instructor Vince Aschliman.

Vince started flying paramotors in 2005, and has developed a love for the sports community as well as flying powered paragliders. He is typically always available to talk about this sport and most any other subject that may come up in conversation.

Vince loves instructing, and has a passion to see the sport grow in the Fort Wayne, IN and surrounding areas. You’ll find he has an easy instruction style that is thorough with an emphasis on safety and for that reason MotoGlide works hard to adhere to the industry standards of this sport and uses the USPPA guidelines to ensure they are keeping up with the latest techniques and gear available to this awesome sport of paramotoring.

Feel free to contact Vince anytime to discuss what it would take to get you flying. Common and join us…the air is better up here!